About our past

We are a privately-owned (and veteran-owned) business founded in 2008, although we had been selling glassware and stained glass items on eBay for a few years prior to that under the name "Flamingo Road".  In 2008, we renamed ourselves to "EyesAcrossTexas" and expanded into Amazon, as well as continuing on eBay.  We originally specialized primarily in media items (books, DVDs, CDs, and software/console games), and in 2011 also moved into housewares, candy, and toys & games.  In 2014, we expanded once again into clothing.

In 2016, we narrowed our focus to primarily media and clothing, although we do sell in other niche areas.  And, in 2017 we've also embraced the POD (print on demand) market with our own creative designs on a number of platforms.

Our stores

Founded in 2008 with a vision: to find and offer unique, cost-effective merchandise to our customers around the world.  We love what we do, and we hope that you enjoy our merchandise just as much as we enjoy finding it!

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