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april 2, 2003 - launch of flamingo road!!

july17, 2003 - initial website design completed for 

march 10, 2005 - website design of a revised completed.  this site will be undergoing a much needed face lift.  the "cart" function turned off, as we redesigning our order process to allow more "custom" orders. 

september 1, 2006 - website design of a revised started.  this site will be undergoing a much needed face lift. 



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founded in 2003 with a vision - to bring beautiful and colorful representations to our customers with the intent of a positive, joyous remembrance that we live in spirit and in the world.

we take special satisfaction that we tithe a portion of our revenue back to the religious science network, either through our own church or a purchaser�s church � and that in the process, we make the lives of our customers a little more beautiful through each creation. it is our desire that you will share in our dedication to living in the presence of the divine. through our creations, we realize the reality and vibrancy of a life based in spiritual principles.

if you would like to learn more about our inspiration, go to csl, ucrs, or rsi.

thanks for stopping by!!

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