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science of mind - stained glass novelty items

a tithe on items sold on this page will be made back to our church.  however, if you would rather have the tithe made to your own church, simply drop us a note and let us know.  please reference the order number in your email, so that we can tithe the correct order, and let us know the contact information for your particular church.  we send out tithe checks monthly - let us know if you would like to have your name listed in the detail information we provide (otherwise we list your tithe as "anonymous").

in addition, any of the items here can be made with different color glass, glass texture, or design.  if you would like certain colors, drop us a line, and we'll send appropriate links for the texture and/or color glass you want, so that you can choose the glass appropriately - and of course, we're also willing to help design a custom item for your needs.  note that all sizes indicated below vary slightly from piece to piece.

science of mind (som) teaching symbol suncatcher: $30.00

these suncatchers are made using copper foil for lighter weight, and can be hung on a small nail or using a suction cup hanger.  their size is approximately 5 1/2" inches across.  an optional wooden stand is available should you desire to set on a desk or table, rather than hanging in a window - for such use, the top hanger can be eliminated.


som teaching symbol panel: $50.00

these larger teaching symbols are made using lead, and can be hung using chain up to a single or double hooks/nails.  their size is approximately 10" inches across.  larger sizes are available as a custom order.


som teaching symbol panel with stand: $60.00

similar to the 10" som panel above, these panels come with a black metal stand instead of the hanging hooks.  they are appropriate for setting on a cabinet or desk, and look especially good on a shelf in a window. 


som teaching symbol candle stick holder: $75.00

this item features a candle stick holder for the larger candles, perfect for a home meditation corner.  the glass panel is approximately 8 1/2" across, and made with lead. 


som teaching symbol business card holder: $20.00

this business card holder is perfect for proclaiming your faith.  the symbol can be inserted to face inward or outward during assembly (picture shown is facing inward). 


inspiration card holder: $20.00

these items have a clear piece of glass with channels to hold inspiration cards (approximately 3 3/4" inches across), and have glass feet for allowing them to set upright.  the flowers are made in random colors and sizes. 


som heart nitelite: $40.00

small but intricate, this nitelite has irregular white face and sides, topped by 3 overlapping hearts (signifying love) cut and soldered with the som teaching symbol design.


som teaching symbol glass box: $70.00

the box dimensions are approximately 8" x 6" x 2".  the som teaching symbol is created in the box top - the picture here shows a thicker dark purple glass (for sturdiness) with the teaching symbol in an iridized white.  an optional chain may be attached to keep the box lid from opening all the way (as shown). 


som teaching symbol watering can: $50.00

this unique item expresses what science of mind is truly about: growth.  it features a watering can, with a spray of flowers setting in the can, and a bird perched on the edge of the can.  the can has the som teaching symbol on it in a rough pattern (similar to someone painting the symbol on the can).


som teaching symbol - peace and love: $85.00

one of our flagship products, this item is specially designed to represent what science of mind truly represents: peace and love.  it is in a heart shape (for love), with the som teaching symbol shown in a corner of the heart, and a dove (for peace) flying across the heart.  the dove is done in a special bullseye glass so it truly comes to life when the sun hits it.  the piece is approximately 12" x 12" (at the widest and highest points), and has two hooks at the top of the heart for easy hanging with a chain.


patriotic love and peace: $85.00

another flagship product, this peace dove is flying across a us flag in a heart shape.  this 12" x 12" piece was inspired by the recent iraq war, to symbolize that one can be patriotic, but still pray for peace and love.


csl love and peace: $85.00

a custom design using our flagship peace and love theme, this peace dove has in the background the stained glass window design used by the center for spiritual living in dallas, tx.  in doing so, the theme is customized towards a specific church.  this 12" x 12" item can be customized using different colors or background items, as long as they can be captured in stained glass.  one item under design currently is the similar to to the som teaching symbol - peace and love item above, but will have a butterfly where the teaching symbol is, signifying change through science of mind.


round csl peace: $85.00

another custom design based on the flagship product, this item using the same theme as on the csl love and peace item above, but uses a round pattern instead of a heart shape (for those folks who don't necessarily like hearts).  any of the peace dove themes above can be created in a round, oval, or square pattern.


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