Recent news for EyesAcrossTexas

January 2017:  We opened our store on Etsy, and are in the process of ramping up merchandise and sales there.  While we don't yet have many items, one of our 2017 goals is to expand our number of listing (including costume and collectible jewelry).

June 2016: EyesAcrossTexas eBay store opened to support an increase in volume.  For the past several years, our eBay sales were primarily towards clothing returns and odds & ends that couldn't be sold on Amazon.  However, eBay has been making significant changes to it's platform, and we consider it now as a viable selling venue for all products we carry.  The store allows us to greatly increase the number of items we are selling on eBay.

June 2017:  EyesAcrossTexas has expanded into the POD (Print On Demand) market on both Amazon and TeeSpring, with more venues coming.  Since branding is more difficult on these sites based on how they do marketing, we will link our designs on our Products page for now, until we get ready to expand into an actual marketing app on our site.

September 2017: Although we only have a few designs on Amazon March, they have been great sellers for a specific market and we have achieved tier 500. We have duplicated many of our military designs over to Teespring so that customers overseas can take advantage of these designs and Teespring also allows us to utilize the designs on products other than T-shirts.

May 2018: We have launched our newly revised, redesigned and refreshed EyesAcrossTexas website. Please let us now how you like it and send us an email with any complications or suggestions.

We have also decided to expand our site to allow shopping directly on our website. This will allow us to be even more competitive on our pricing as we wont have to build in the fee structure that we have to when selling on other venues.

January 2018: We have moved ever further into the used media market on both eBay and Amazon, and we are continuing to grow our inventory. Thanks to all who continue to support us on both of our venues and we hope that you continue to browse our stores.

March 2017:  We've been selling clothes for over 2 years now on both Amazon and eBay, and have always been amazed at the variety of patterns and styles that customers buy.  We've often wondered if we could design our own, and decided to take a swing at doing this.  We had already done our own EyesAcrossTexas merchandise on TeeSpring, but that was mainly for us.  So the question was:  Can we create a design that other people will like, and that will generate sales.  Thus, we signed up for Merch by Amazon, and are going to swing for the fences!  Stay tuned....

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